Monday, January 15, 2007

A 'joyride' that only lasted a few months.

It was a few years ago when I first laid my eyes on her. My brother was pretty proud of her, brand new, silvery and most popular among her breed as she was. For the next couple of years, I got the chance to enjoy her pleasures only a few times, that too vicariously (with my brother enjoying her in full). I always assumed that I was not up to the task for her. I felt that she was a bit too much on the heavier side for me. But 9 months ago, she was handed down to me as a kind of sibling inheritance. I gingerly mounted her and revved her up. She squeaked meekly at first, then roared and jumped into action. She was quite docile unlike what I had expected. Powerful she was indeed, but friendly too. She bore all the errors arising out of my inexpertise patiently with just an occasional grunt. But soon, I started learning the tricks of the trade and slowly became fluent at the job.

For the next 4 months, we were almost inseparable. We always went out together. All my friends saw us together, many of them with gaping faces. They had never thought that I could handle such a being. Yeah, we did make an odd pair. But do appearances matter, when the two involved are blissfully happy?! As with every story, there is a twist. I had to leave, go far far away, while she would still remain at my home. I think she was as sad as me about the imminent parting. She even injured herself on the final day. For the next 4 months, I never saw her. I just used to enquire about her well-being from my father.

And then, I returned. So 8 months after we had first grown close to each other, I saw her again. It was re-ignition on the first meet after the break and again we were together for the whole of my stay. We had lot of fun the last 20 days. We even went to places we had never been before. Yesterday afternoon, when we were coming back after meeting a few friends, I realized that it would be our last outing ever. I was flying back the next day, i.e a few hours from now. I may not be able to lay my sights on her again. Soon, she would be sold, handed over to another person, to be used or abused. I just hope that she falls into good hands which would take good care of her and that she has a good and complete life.

Ironically, her makers had done her injustice at birth, with the tagline. She was a nice Bajaj Pulsar 150cc silver model. ‘Definitely male’ she wasn’t. :D


Su said...

u shud edit the label of this post to "porn" and not 'writings'!

kunal said...

luckily I read the last line before the whole post.... :)

playboi said...

"she was handed down to me as a kind of sibling inheritance"

gave it away.

"I gingerly mounted her and revved her up."
confirmed the doubt.

so whats up ?

PS: the word verification is "piehebno" ... pretty long one

Anonymous said...


Arvind said...

aaaghh.. Pulsar.. definitely MALE.... just bcoz u wanted to write such a deceiving post, dont change HIS gender..

I prefer rewriting it with all shes replaced with hes.. (which makes u SHE then, but never mind.. afterall,, HE is more popular, not you :P)

Sumanth said...

kinda expected it. u gave it away by with ur 'too lurid' description. :-??

mythalez said...

@Su, ssh .. no lewd comments here! :P

@kunal, aah u missed all the fun :P

@playboi, hmm, maybe I meant to give it away? and yeah long comments get long word verification strings :P

@karan, :D ^:)^ (this is bowing to applause in this context)

@aravind, perspectives .. perspectives

@sumanth, who said .. i wanted to hide it?!! :P

abhijeet said...

an excellent post i must say.....written in a perfect gentleman's manner...... :D

The optimist from utopia said...

hmm.. kinda knew it from the start..
Because our rama would never be involved in such ungentlemanly acts! :P