Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ringing in the Spring

Yayy .. its spring time. Its been more than 3 weeks since it rained here. Thats the longest no-rain period since the time I have been here i.e almost 8 months now. Actually, I had to write this post in a hurry, since the ominous clouds have gathered today and seem intent on breaking the dry spell. Anyway, yeah, it had been sunny the past few days, temperatures have gone upto 25 degrees on some occasions. On the afternoons, you could find all the lawns in the university completely covered by human bodies, lying on the grass, soaking up as much sun as they can get, trying to get a bit of colour on their white skins :P.

My chinese flatmate remarked yesterday, 'every season has its own distinct smell'. Frankly, I dont know and dont care :D. But yeah the spring season seems to be quite popular. Last week, when I went to Bristol, I found photographers all over the place, clicking every last image of 'Spring time' that they could lay their eyes upon.

The major change for me however is that I no longer need to wear a jacket or a hoody or a sweater while stepping out. Got so used to wearing one or the other of them all the time that now it feels quite different and new to be going about in just a shirt or tshirt or both :D.

The university has started full scale after the month long Easter break. This break was for undergrads and msc students .. not for staff or research postgrads like me. We just had a measly 5 days.

Finally, though many appreciated the new look of the blog, I have heard a few disgruntled voices too who felt the old dark black one was better. My response to those voices: When it was dark and black as you wanted, you never appreciated it. I only used to hear complaints about how hard it is to read and so on. But now, you come out with your voices into the open and praise the old look rubbishing this new colourful one. Sorry mates, the time has passed, now you got to live with this white-green-orange-blue-red-grey thing :P.
Moral of the story, appreciate something when its there, so that it doesnt go missing before you know it :P.
I better end here before the post gets even worse :D.


skp said...

I dont like the fonts :-SS

kunal said...

white is any day better black ... but basically I don't care as long as I am getting the feed :)

Manikandan.S said...

as usual..you suck :P
btw..its the same case here for me..i dont have to wear jackets/hoodie any more :D .. but sometimes it starts raining suddenly (i think the global warming thing is very much real here)

Anil said...

cha... white-green-orange-blue-red-grey thingaa, nuvvu ! nee kullu jokulu !

Anil said...

malli moral okati. nuvvu marav raa rey.. (enduku maralraa anaku, aipotav)

mythalez said...

@skp, as i said, shut up, grin and bear it :P

@kunal, aah .. yah the feed

@manik, sometimes? here it always rains suddenly :P

@anil, enduku maralraa :D

The optimist from utopia said...

hmm.. spring sounds fun! :D