Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gibberish verse

This has to be some random nonsensical words strung together without any logic because am in no position to actually write anything sensible. Yet, I am trying since I am in the mood for it. So lets see how it comes out :-s

You may never have cared
discounting the few pretentions in the past
but what matters is that I care no more
and hope this condition will forever last.

The intimacy may have withered away
a formality may have pervaded in between
Yet, endearing as you are and you shall be
you shall never be abandoned by me.


I felt like ending that. And start writing something else. Lets see how this new attempt comes out :-s.

An yellow that colours the sky
covering the green people moving about.
Dont ask the obvious question 'why'
because, this, I shall explain not.

The trees with their blue leaves,
fidgeting against the red wind blowing
the white barks with their numerous circles
testimony to the numerous years flowing

Throw a stone high up into the ocean
rippling the air as it cuts across the dry
followed by a reflection on the ground
and a shadow reflected on the sky

the colours may be radical, unexpected
but the vision shall remain the same
The actions may be contradictory
but the old feelings are still to blame


crazy said...

I like both the verses, well written. But the profoundness in the first verse wins over the second ;)


kunal said...

the second verse is what I would call "Making ample use of the poetic license" .... :)

skp said...

I still don't like the Font Period

the-think said...

Nothing profound for now - good to be here after so long :)
Need to read your other posts that I missed...

The optimist from utopia said...

Too bored to read verses..
write short stories! :D

mythalez said...

@navya, ahem profoundness indeed :P

@kunal, yep .. that was the whole idea ;)

@pati, sorry .. but it shant be changed, comma :P

@persephone, yep .. quick quick .. read them all :P

@optimist, as you wish, your Highness :P