Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy birthday Mythalez's blog!!

Happy Leather anniversary to the blog. No, I dont like leather in anyway. But thats what third anniversaries are called. Yeah, today, this blog completes 3 years. Congratulations to mythalez. Started on a bored summer afternoon, today it contains 218 posts-- 212 published and 6 drafts (some of which would never be published) .

Both the blog and the blog-author have gone a long way (in many directions) over these three years. From the first post which was random typings to one which had layers of deep meaning interwoven into it. From being a nondescript guy in IIIT being initiated into the luxuries of the internet to one who blogs about the evolution of spam. From a train journey to the first plane trip on to small travelogues of Japan, Switzerland and Paris.

From winning the second place in a local programming contest to coordinating the IIIT techfest called Threads to coming third at an international competition, RoboCup. From one undecided about his future, to applying to universities, attending job interviews to a budding PhD student.

The tag posts changed in their content and the blog changed colours. Descriptions about mosquitoes and horrorscopes lead to short stories-- smallish abstract ones to slightly inspired, imaginary to partly factual. The blog is home to the prologue of a unwritten book, the provenance of 'mythalez' to mythalez's own astrology.

Mythalez varied from not wanting to meet an old friend to saying goodbye to his close ones. Campaigned, discussed and participated in IIIT elections, wrote about the institute and then bid farewell through a todo-list which was also evaluated.

A hurried preparation to leave India was complemented by the exciting journey back. The meantime was peppered with various descriptions about the british land. Fledgling attempts at cooking progressed to elaborate invitations.

And ofcourse, attempts at poetry always peek in every few posts, just too many of the verses. Every five-ten posts ought to contain some pathetic poem distorting the indentation of the blog. Anywayz, the blog rocks (Mythalez is an arrogant presumptuous narcissist :D)


aprameya said...

happy bday. when party?

Anonymous said...

nice :D


Karan said...

Party dude!!
U were so jobless 2 put all those links there :P

skp said...

Bday bday !!

congrats congrats !!

Party party !!

pati pati !!

the-think said...

Don't forget how the tone of writing has changed too.
Congrats and here's to many more! *clink*!

Gaurav said...

Happy Bday!!

chal ab party dey :)

maruti said...

Happy burday

prashant said...

happy b'day ...couldn't have come at a better time..you can buy me tickets for england instead of a treat :P

Sreejith said...

Thats a wonderful way to relive the 3 years of blogging! Hope u've analyzed your own self in this process too :)

Su said...

man! too many links. i think i shall have google identify this as a bogus hub and get the pagerank to 0

too many freakin links.

(this in no way is indicative of me having tried to read them)

this blog sucks more than ever

The optimist from utopia.. said...

Congrats! :D

Argentyne said...

congrats :)

mythalez said...

@aprameya, karan, skp & gaurav: the blog had hosted its birthday party in monaco quite a few weeks ago! why werent you there!!

@peela-ladka, :D

@persephone, hmm .. it indeed has .. 'cheers'

@maruti, thanku

@prashant, oh yeah! nice dreams you have

@sreejith, ahem thats a bit too introspective and philosophical :P

@su, google is smarter than you give it credit :P

@optimist, thanku thanku,

@argentyne, congrats u too ... u too have completed 3 yrs :)

kunal said...

I am late, but vacations are meant to be net-free :D ...

happy birthday mythalez!

damn! my blog is 11 days younger then you :)