Friday, January 11, 2008

Small car ... .big News!!

me: Tata's car is making big big news in uk
all the news programmes
all the news papers
Pranav: seriously!
am glad
me: lol .. not for the right reasons
Pranav: why so?
me: ther r discussions on news programmes
abt how it is goin to affect the environment
Pranav: that it'll cause damage
and so on..
that is all part of the negative publicity they want to give
me: with predicitions that by 2030 ther ll be 600 million cars in india
and cause global pollution
that india shudnt be making the same mistake as teh west
Pranav: I want to see - autos in India, be replaced by these cars in the near future
me: though while they say these .. they agree that they hav no moral right to lecture india ...
as the west is the primary cause of all environmental problems
Pranav: hehe
me: but they fear that if india follows the same path .. it ll be a great disaster for earth
Pranav: the point here is to look at Tata's car to replace the autos
me: no .. it is billed to replace motorbikes
families dont own autos
Pranav: no
autos are considered as substitutes to public transport
and I want to see this car something on similar lines
Nano Taxis
me: hmm
yah hyd is a good example of autos actin as public transport
seriously .. something shud be done abt public transport in the cities of india
btw .. i want to post abt this
but i dnt feel the enthu to write :-s
Pranav: you can take our chat transcript
edit it and post
something like what I did earlier :P
me: :P

the post that Pranav was referring to is this


pkj said...

i wonder what would have happened with the news if the cricket controversy and the nano launch were on the same day :?

pkj said...

btw, I think that Nano is the biggest disruptive innovation of recent times.

And the increase in traffic really scares me. There is a faint chance that the kind of infrastructure development that we are seeing in India would also percolate down the better roads and better traffic sense but it might be a pipe dream :( .

ps : blogroll link back pls

the-think said...

It's big news in the US too...
Does one need to act excited about such things, irrspective of what country they're in?

mythalez said...

@pkj, aah well the cricket controversy didn't make much news here ... I guess it made news only in Aus and India.

@pkj, hmm well .. public transport is surely the only answer

@persephone, hmm .. well I dont know :D