Wednesday, January 02, 2008

year end philosophy ... on demand

PS- Skp aka pati aka muggle_surya aka dear_co_blogger has demanded that I write a post on 2007-2008 with philosophical leanings ... and so I propitiate him.
PS2- PS stands for 'pre-script' :P

As a year comes to close and a new one begins, people in general tend to go into huddles of thought, trying to reevaluate their lives, loves and aspirations. It is somehow, as if, as 31st december rolls onto 1st january (not at the same time, mind you ... every region moves to the new year at its own sweet time because of all the time zones) a new chapter begins or something. But, in reality, the only major difference is that you need to change the last digit of the date. Thats it!

You want to make some resolutions, you can make it anytime .. no need to wait for the new year. But yeah, for those who don't need or want to make any, this is a fine time to attempt some. Naah, don't worry, am not listing my 'resolutions' here .... actually as I said in the previous post, I don't have any, except perhaps- "no complaints and no cribbing at all, anymore". Seriously, why would anyone need to crib or cry once they realise the universal fact that- "everything in the universe is just blah". In case, you are planning to contest the veracity of this statement, let me save you the trouble by informing you that it will be a mission in vain since I can always defend this statement using the infinite meanings of 'blah' as my arsenal (no ... am not referring to the football team, you EPL freaks!).

Okay, so how was 2007?

World politics? bad very bad. The wars still go on (not iraq or afganistan ... am refering to the civil wars in several countries of africa .. the lesser known but more disastrous little ones). The last week or two have shown that democracy is increasingly becoming a sham and so on .... after all its all blah.

Personal lives? not good ... not good at all. Neither me nor any of my friends that I know well would venture to announce 2007 as one of the best years. In fact, I can argue that it was probably one of the worst. So, no points here either

So, in conclusion, it's good that 2007 ended. It did no good anyway.

So what about 2008 you may ask? Will it radically transform our lives? Will it stop global warming? Will it feed all the hungry and shelter all the homeless in the world? Will it be the year you find your loves and realise your ambitions? Will it herald a 'new golden age'? The answer to all the questions is NO. Come on, what do you expect! It's after all, just another year. Its name doesnt even hold the charm of 2007 (7, 2+7 etc etc).

Trembling about the future, you might softly whisper the final question, "well, will it atleast be better than 2007?". The answer, my dear readers, is a resounding, reverberating YES. Ofcourse, it will be better, because now we know the secret of the universe- "that it's all just blah!"

next-post: Milan, Florence, Pisa, Cologne, Koblenz, Sankt Goar, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Heidelberg and Frankfurt again!


skp said...

Thanks O, Dear friend o mine !!

Will reply with a post soon :D

Anonymous said...

universe is blah!
wow, I know the secret to life!
thanks, o wise one...

that is why the capthca says ***obi*** :D

Vivek said...

The post was Blah!! :p
Anyway leave the year, I think every following day is better than the previous one (save the thing that you are day more older than what u were a day before :) )

oblx said...

the universe is just blah ...


pkj said...


I thought i should leave it at that .. but then that would be rude ..

the civil wars in several countries of africa
I wonder what Miss Teen USA contestant .. *yeah, you know the one i am talking about* .. would have said to that.

Anonymous said...

Now thats a wonderful job of summarizing an entire year without adding any value :P bravo!!

the next post is eagerly awaited...

the-think said...

Yes, 2008 better be better.
So what the heck - Happy New Year :)

mythalez said...

@skp, always welcome .. dear friend o mine :P

@kunal, eh? wat captcha??

@vivek, taking a philo course ? :P

@obelix, glad that u concur :P, together we shall conquer :D

@pkj, she wud have said ... well u knw ;)

@sreejith, oops a verse blundered its way in between :D

@persephone, happies newies yearies :)