Saturday, May 31, 2008

some random points

= Just listen to it. Don't make any other sound. Blunt all the other senses except the ears. Wait. Listen to it.

= Is it on expected lines that the continuing and persistant bloggers from my IIIT batch (pati, simeen and me for example) are also the first ones from the batch to start blogging regularly? Its almost 4 years now ... whoa!

= gtalk's 'talk' is written in four colours, t is blue, a is red, l is orange and k is green. We do know that red, orange and green colours are used by it to depict the status of the contacts. But what does the blue of 't' stand for? The other possible state - offline is colourless and not blue. So, what can we associate with the blue of 't' ? Any ideas? (I know, I know this must be one of the most inconsequential and utterly ridiculous questions ever asked .. but then who is keeping a record :P)

= It was surprisingly sunny for a whole week, a week ago. So, last weekend, I dusted my bicycle, cleaned it and even oiled it, with a resolve to start using it again, after having literally abandoned it since september last year. However, the regular grey wet weather made a return on the night of that eventful day. And has persisted since. Alas, my poor optimism :D.


dailyrium said...

still waiting? ;)

BullzY said...

blue for smileys? ;)

kunal said...

what is the colour of 'g'? that does not have significance :P

and yeah even I was thinking the same few days back, this June I celebrate 4 yrs of my blogging!

skp said...

m senti :(

very senti :((

gonna post some crap today .. wont be funny but painful ...

why the fk are u in UK ? .... i want shoulders to cry on :(

thread said...


Vandana said...

Google's G is blue in color, hence the color of talk's 't'...what say :P

mythalez said...

@dailyrium, you comment before I post!!

@kunal, there is no g, though there is google written in a translucent way :P

@skp, that post joined the club of the posts that never came? :P

@paccha, be the undead !!

@vandana, finally! one sensible answer ... full marks to you :P