Wednesday, October 29, 2008

and so I go home again !!

just like last time, my trip has been decided just one week in advance. so, again i booked my tickets just 7 days in advance. atleast unlike last time, it did not involve a dedicated search for 4 hours. an half an hour of prowling around secured cheaper tickets (£350) on a better airlines (qatar airways) with shorter total journey times (12 hours unlike the previous one on srilankan airlines which took 18 hrs).

how long you ask? 25 days! but it will be busy few weeks. after all, it is my brother's marriage! so that involves two trips to bangalore for 2-3 days each ... though the rest of the time i will be in hyderabad.

well, the flight is in 15 hours, the bus to the airport is in 11 hours, thats at the unholy time of 5am, and i am still in the lab and yet to even think about packing! so bye bye readers ......


Kathie said...

Discovered your blog this evening, and must say I like it quite a lot. Read several of the posts. Hope you have a good trip to the wedding. Really enjoyed reading about your walk about the Scottish Highlands. Hope to go there myself someday.
Greetings from Costa Rica

Sultan of Samarkand said...

UK is 8 hours from India, dude! What airline are you flying?

Ankur Handa said...

Bhaag firangi, bhaag!

Anonymous said...

Dude.. Do come to the campus this time around.

Yaso Vardhan said...

Unlike last time ,you have to pay 1k more as tax(may be included in fare) instead of getting a welcome flower :P

Hope yours 'Rama'ayan-3 Mission goes well !

mythalez said...

@kathie, welcome to the blog! hope you visit again and again ... thanks for the wishes .. wedding went well. yah, you should definitely visit the highlands!

@sultan, eh wat? 12 hrs is the shortest time you can find to reach hyd from london ... ther r no direct flights u see. I was flying qatar btw.

@ankur, now who is firang and who is not :P

@karan, I did and you werent around :P. I came last time too.

@yaso, no one asked for that fare :P