Thursday, January 15, 2009

planes of paper .. to savour

paper planes do not fly high
folded creased, with fuel of air
glide and dip to their doom
but no weapons, so no 'boom'

curving up to reach a peak that's
marked only by start of the fall
carry up hopes of those creating fingers
crash upside down, but the wish lingers

hundreds of planes, an army of dreams
one by one or ten together, flung up
a rising sea of paper making a single wave
powerless, and which the winds will enslave

the war, the planes will always lose
but the one battle won, the peak attained
prompts more to be made, more to be thrown
after all, they unravel a smile from a frown.


Anonymous said...

nice nice..
but give me prose anytime over verse :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, stumbled to ur blog from nowhere and find this nice poetry....
very genuine with each line telling the truth felt long-long ago....Have forgotton the art to make a real flying paper-plane now but yes remember the big smile on seeing them soar high..:D:D
Keep creating paper planes of poetry n prose as well:))

Anonymous said...

Someone's hittin on our d0d0 yuhooooo

ps: d0d0, you suck

Anonymous said...

Looks like the fruits of poetry are already beginning to show :P

mythalez said...

@kunal, your wish shall be answered, o' lord .. soon :)

@monika, welcome to the blog, glad you liked it, hope to see you around here frequently :)

@anonymous, anonymouses suck more :P, and obviously i know who you are

@rohith, work but dont see the fruits, havent you learnt anything from bhagvad gita? :P