Sunday, January 04, 2009

[head@mythalez]# clear

blitzing through random things; anticipating, but not holding onto anything in particular; trying to push some away; trying to grasp the important and immediately pertinent ones; pushing things forward; pegged back by unknown but strong forces; vacuuming; getting sucked into fuzziness; sorting through; deleting; archiving; ignoring; restive; silence!

clear sky, streams of sunlight, bright fresh cold air, reboot to reality.


Ghost Runner said...

@ rama:
What is this ?
A sink post ?

the-think said...

Clear winter mornings. They always fill me with words too :)

skp said...

Thanks for ur 2 cents on bloody life !!

Vandana said...

rebooting to reality is like going back to the first para :P

thread said...


mythalez said...

@ghost-runner, sink post?? it's more like a 'source' post :P

@persephone, indeed.

@pati, 2 pennies is more like it, we don't use cents around here :P

@vandana, lol, shutdown then? :D

@paccha, :P