Monday, February 09, 2009

25: star 'stuck'

on this 'only once in a lifetime occasion' of completing 1/4 of a century, i was asked to write down a 'quarterly report'. and this is what i came up with:-

oh! sparkling star on the sky found,
i spend the night with you.
with screeching silence, darkness abound
only your light breaks through.

oh! shining with no purpose any,
glowing by fusing nuclei.
not very apart, you and me
being but knowing not why...

and then i felt this is good enough to be a song! and a tune appears for it almost automatically! hence-

readers' assignment: create a tune for this verse, sing it, record it, upload the file somewhere, and post the link here as a comment ;)


Sultan of Samarkand said...
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Sultan of Samarkand said...

Happy birthday!

Finish the song.

Manikandan.S said...

Not all your readers are jobless like you to record the verse and upload it :P

Anonymous said...

happy birthday dude :)

thread said...

idiot d0d0.. u said u dint want ppl wishing u on bday.. and now u post this? wtf??

Ghost Runner said...

Happy silver jubilee anniversary of your world entry :D

btw ... isn't nucleus protons + neutrons if i remember right ?? :P

Anonymous said...

Belated birthday wishes :)

@nks said...

ctrl+c "karanatiiit's comment"

ctrl + v :D

Dreamcatcher said...

Word verification says, gollum.
Happy belated birthday :)

Balakrishna Chennupati said...

Belated Birthday greetings, Rama.

mythalez said...

@sultan, isnt the song complete? :P if u feel not, jus repeat it thrice :P

@manikandan, but u r jobless enough .. now where is ur audio eh eh? :P

@kunal, thanks :D

@paccha, mythalez is contradictory :P

@ghost-runner, yah it is, though not always, Hydrogen nucleus contains only a single proton .. u see?? :P

@karan, belated thanks :D :)

@anks, +1 response to karan :P ..

@dreamcatcher, lol .. thanku!

@balakrishna, thanksu thanku!