Thursday, March 05, 2009

just because it's been a while

yeah, almost a month has passed since the last post, but then it doesn't matter, does it?

many a ideas came by and then went away before i could catch hold of them.

i seem to be at a loss for words. abstraction doesn't seem to be effortless anymore. perhaps it is because of all the 'precise' writing that scientific papers require?

so what should i talk about? the few movies that i managed to watch or the many many more that i ought to have watched but haven't?

the book that i borrowed from the library 2 months ago but whose first page is still waiting to be discovered? or the many other books that were gifted to me over the past year which have been patiently waiting for their turn, in a line on the only filled shelf in my room?

or the busy days that seem to pass by in a hurry, but each day lingering long enough to proclaim that nothing much was achieved in it?

the excitement intermingled with the doldrums? the anticipations coupled with the ennui?

and on a unrelated note (not that most of the statements above have any clear relations within them), i realise i haven't been blogging much about my work, my phd, or my life here ....

why? perhaps because it is all good with nothing much to crib about, yet not extraordinary enough to entitle a discourse?

i guess this will do for now and for a while?


Ankur said...

yaar ladki pata lo, roz naye blog likhoge fir.

obelix said...

i guess this will do eh.

@nks said...

@ankur ...

saale frustoo .. apna frustaapa sabko baant raha hai ...

Ghost Runner said...

"just because its been a while" comment :)

mythalez said...

@ankur, ladki pat gayi, toh blog-posts likhne ke liye na time hoga, na enthu hoga ;)

@obelix, i guess it did :D

@anks, lol

@ghost-runner, if only it was for 'for' ... okay sorry for the pj :D