Saturday, March 14, 2009

why? are you a snail?

so, the question is why am i blogging at such a painstaking and atrophying rate these past few months. there must be some reasons eh?

for one, life is going smoothly and pretty quickly, thereby not letting me think up of any worthless matter-less matter to add to the mess of the interconnected garbage spewing conglomeration. although, there are train-loads of uncertainties abound, some about the present, some about the immediate future, and some more about the time after that, those are being recklessly pushed out of sight and imprisoned in dark places.

ofcourse, i can't just blame myself, can i? the main culprit is twitter, which satisfies me with the illusion that i am writing something and contributing at least a part of what i should to the burgeoning mess mentioned above. it's all a ploy i say, a ___________ ploy!! (readers are encouraged to re-read the sentence by filling up the blank space with their choicest adjective).

being enlightened, i often repeat that twitter is no substitute for blogging. but i seem to exhibit my human-ness by not adhering to my own announced principle...

anyway, now let me get back to my shell, its cosy in there :P (yeah, emoticons are allowed to contain capital letters).


Anonymous said...

so u still going with no capitals policy :)

obelix said...

it's all a ploy i say, a beautiful little ploy, the kind of ploy that makes the other ploys out there feel un-ployish, the type of ploy that has a beginning, a middle, the bit after the middle but before the end and the end or to put it simply the bc ploy

Anonymous said...

gah! you seem to have declared March as the month of posts dedicated to the subject, "Why are you not blogging, and hundred justifications for it"

get your _________ arse back to blogging soon..

thread said...

go ________ urself

skp said...

where the hell is the new one ? ! u liar

mythalez said...

@lifeizlikethat, once a policy, always a policy :P

@obelix, play on ploy? :P

@kunal, :P

@paccha, ur blanks are often quite ambiguous :P

@skp, muhahaha, how does your own medicine taste eh? :P