Saturday, April 11, 2009

less than a day in advance

the last two times i went home to hyderabad, the trip was decided just a week in advance. on the day it was decided, the tickets were bought for a flight some 7-9 days later. ofcourse, the first time, it was my choice, while the second time i had no choice.

this time, i decided today afternoon. called home. called my supervisor. booked tickets for tomorrow afternoon. checked-in immediately. and went to sleep. only to wake up at night to pack. and now to blog.

this time, there was no search involved for cheap tickets. it was quite straightforward. just choose BA which recently started a direct service to hyderabad, the price is equivalent to what it was for my trip last year at this time.

and so off i go .. or here i come?


Pranav said...

See you soon!

obelix said...


mythalez said...

@pranav, and u did

@obelix, thank you and thank you