Wednesday, September 23, 2009

and we go home again!

the typical trip:

£ as usual, book the flight tickets less than a week in advance. and book them right immediately on the same day that the decision to go home was made.

£ as usual, go home for a little more than 3 weeks.

£ as usual, have a really strong reason to go home. this time being, having nothing to do after submission of the thesis :P

£ as usual, blog about it just the night before the flight ;)


HalleY said...

Why give this post the label "general" .. you should have made it "as usual" :P ..

Or is this also .. "as usual label the post as general" :P

deep said...

so unusual post... ;)

Manikandan.S said...

Guess what other creature is a creature of habit? Yes you got it .. a DODO!

thread said...

u suck

mythalez said...

@halley, as usual, it is indeed general

@deep, :D

@manik, wrong wrong :P

@paccha, u missing massuxx? :P