Wednesday, September 16, 2009

PhD thesis submitted !!!

i don't remember since when i have been waiting to announce this, and write a post regarding it. definitely more than year! yes, people everywhere and nowhere, the PhD thesis is now sealed and desposited for 'examination' aka 'viva' aka 'defence'. this procedure involves professors both internal and external to the university grilling me regarding all aspects of the thesis and beyond for as many hours as they choose. my supervisors would be just mute spectators in the room. the examiners apparently tend to question both the higher purpose of the thesis (like why it is significant or novel) and also the minute details (like how and why this particular parameter was chosen). anyways, since this is scheduled for end of october, I pretty much have more than 40 absolutely free days staring at me :D .... yipppe !!

£$€ - 123 pages of PhD thesis [quite on the smaller side but as is said, the smaller the thesis, the better and more precise it is ;) ]
€£$ - 3 years 14 days [would have been much less than three years if not for the vacations my supervisors and I have taken over the past 2 months]
$€£ - consumed approximately £37,000 as stipend and more than £40,000 was paid as fees on my behalf by the school to the university [yeah, it is a strange system :P]. also several thousands of £s were spent to provide for my various conference attendances ;).
€$£ - considering the problems and ill-health faced over the last many months, the fact that i still managed to complete on time deserves applause :P
£€$ - there should be more points to brag about, definitely. but i don't seem to be able to recollect them right now :P.

okay, now that we are done with this, let us evaluate my current position:
%& am jobless and workless and thus not even being paid a penny by anyone.
&% am going to become homeless soon as I have decided to give up my room/house at end of this month.
%% have no job offers yet, haven't actually applied anywhere that i might want to, don't even know what kind of job i would like.
&& ................. ...... .... .... .... .... [intentionally left blank to represent several points ;) ]

fine, now let the celebrations, packing+storage, travel etc etc begin !!


obelix said...

at this point we'd all like to say


which when translated from the ancient script wepkilmanjorizimbut is congratualtions

captcha for the day - cablob

Sunil said...

Congrats Rama :)

Vandana said...

Congrats Rama...guess your readers too were waiting for this post:P May be you should consider writing some fiction now:)

thread said...


congrats, btw :p.. i shall extract my treat from u in hyd

deep said...

things sound like wow.... :)

mythalez said...

@obelix, merci .. which in one real existing language means thankyou :P

@sunil, thanku thanku :D

@vandana, yes fiction will be shortly on its way :P

@paccha, how r u going to do that? :P

@deep, :D

Dreamcatcher said...

Wow congrats. Super fast almost-Phd.
Dr. Mythalez-to-be :)

mythalez said...

@dreamcatcher, thanku thanku :D

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Laura Martinez said...

Well, getting the PhD thesis done can really be called a milestone, and a something to be proud about. I think all the hardship and effort put into thesis writing would all be worth it once you can tell that your thesis paper is now under examination. Anyway, what happened to your paper? I do hope everything went well.