Thursday, June 17, 2010

2191 days = Bloggie Birthday!

6 years gone ... yes .. 6 .. and the blog is still alive .. it's active! When Mythalez started on this day in 2004, he was pretty sure it would die out in a couple of months, if not weeks. So join together and celebrate the birthday of the longest running blog that I read .... yep, that's this! ;)

Customary details [to indulge in some narcissism :D]:
- 6 years.
- 72 months but only 2 out of those do not contain even one post. Maximum number of posts in a month is 17 (Sep 04 and Jul 09)
- 365 posts [coincidence?] = 349 published, 16 drafts [including this one].
- innumerable comments. Innumerable because I never counted them, not because they are infinite :P. But I notice that almost all of the comments in the earlier years have disappeared, until mid 2006 :-ss . A terrible blogger bug? [anyone who wise-cracks saying there were no comments until mid 2006 will be duly punished in unimaginable fashion!]

This blog has perhaps seen 3 template design changes over this period of 6 years. But no URL or title changes unlike most of other such long running blogs. A stolid blog :P.

not a ps: last month was quite eventful for my first ever two blog-friends (though, we were friends even before we started blogging :P). Argentyne got married 10 days ago, and SKP got engaged 25 days ago.

See ye all again next year .......



Aravind Krishna K said...

Next in line is you Rama.. you need to get engaged or married..

You need a life.. you can keep blogging random posts forever :P

Anonymous said...

As your signature suggests, you need to be executed

thread said...

There were no comments until mid-2006.

I await my punishment.

SRILAXMI said...

hey congrats... u r one of the few of my earlier blogger mates who r still alive, so cheers...!!!

Pepper said...

6 yrs is a long time. Keep going !

Dreamcatcher said...

Congratulations :)
Even I have a sixth birthday coming up :)

mythalez said...

@aravind, blah :P

@anonymous, :D interesting observation

@paccha, so, did you like the punishment? :P

@srilaxmi, thank you, thank you

@pepper, :)

@dreamcatcher, yes yes, happy bloggie birthday to you too!