Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Gliding in light, end to end
Vast expanse of wasted stage
Oblivious of those in attend
He swirled and swung in rage
She watched in fright and awe
Discovering emotions raw
Her eyes followed him in capture
Rest of them only listened in rapture

His brilliance easily perceived
String and tune he deftly weaved
Lifting them to bliss ephemeral
And then glimpsing sorrow eternal
Music, the violin and he were one
Deaf she, absorbed all though heard none

with this, the month long voluntary hiatus of the blog ends ... an 8+6 poem on 'request' is here! :P


thread said...

which masochist requested vogon poetry?

Vivek said...

Loved it!

skp said...

With all due respect, Die !

SRILAXMI said...

hey... u r a poet also... too much... but i m happy the break is over... lookin fwd to grt stuff frm u...!!!


Ze_Philozopher said...

Your sense data needs to meet someone.

Is this poem inspired by a circus visit?

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...


Ghost Runner said...


mythalez said...

@paccha, another 'V'ogon :P

@vivek, good good .. as long as you made 'sense' of it :P

@skp, with no dues, extinct already :P

@sri, still seems like a break .. taken a long time for the next post to emerge :-s

@Ze-Philosopher, circus? violinists play in circus? :P

@cynosure, :)

@ghost runner, !!!