Monday, March 14, 2011

Imposing an emotion to coerce a verse

Adopting nonchalance of a veteran,
disguising eagerness, expectations,
and the nervousness of possibilities

Allusions a plenty, kindled by the support squad
Details suppressed, mystery enhanced for all
Excited restless self, imagining the prospects
The exterior restraint, but a mere facade

Unprecedented, an accomplishment extraordinaire?

To fulfil the dream- your naive mind's flirtation
Had striven the self, selfishly, seeking not pleasure
but your profusion of joy, unbridled twinkle of your eye,
and the sweet dollops of your eternal appreciation

The success, you do acknowledge and share
Yet, arrogantly, in vain, I await your gratitude
'No true benevolence there!' rightly says your attitude :P

[tch tch .. I really seem to have the lost the little ability I had for this form :-s]


CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

nice.... :)

thread said...


Anonymous said...

dude, translate this please!

Argentyne said...

congratulations? :-s

Charly Writer Girl said...

Wow. That was really... insightful. Not that I really understood it. Which is how I know it was good.

mythalez said...

@cynosure, thank you

@paccha, aaaaaaaaaaaaa

@kunal, hehe .. google-translate or shakti didn't work? :P

@argentyne, really? :-s

@charly, hehe, interesting parameter!