Friday, April 08, 2011

Walk not the usual way

Have you ever tried walking with your eyes closed? Perhaps on an wide empty path, where there is no real danger of bumping into anyone or anything?
£ The first 5-6 steps are pretty easy – the mind remembers what lay ahead and believes that it is on track.
$ The next 10 steps or so are the hardest – the mind is no longer sure of your progress. It feels that you are about to hit something any moment. It is worried that you have strayed off the path and are treading where you are not supposed to.
€ The steps after that are easier again – the mind gives up on bothering about where you might be headed and just relaxes to enjoy the experience.
Do we sleep walk through life?


Argentyne said...

mwahahaha, caught you changing the title :P why do you think you're sleepwalking through life?

I think I'm sleepwalking through work today :|

mythalez said...

whoa .. too fast u r :P u might be sleepwalking through work, but you are pretty much wide-awake-racing through the interwebs :P

getting philosophical: i meant sleep walking as in walking with eyes closed (which is wrong biologically, I know :P) - does our attitude about things in life change similar to how the mind acts when it is walking blind? :P

skp said...

What's with the currencies ?

Did you just sleep-blog ?

Su said...

Yes, we are sleep walking through life. So walk already.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about 'sleep walk' through life, but I do wish I could sleep through some days..

obelix_who_is_awake_early_in_the_morning said...

wow. this was one of the most impressive things i've read in a while now.

i wonder how many other nuggets i've missed reading mythalez' blog late in the night, drunk or with my mind all mushed out from all the daily work.


thread said...

i want to sleep with u

mythalez said...

@skp, currencies are the 'bullet points' ... you know - money, guns etc :P

@Su, walk away or walk towards? :P

@kunal, hehe .. new baby not letting you sleep eh? :P

@obelix, wow .. perhaps you should be drunk for all your visits here? only then can u decipher the higher meaning in my posts! :P

@thread, why? has prawns disowned you? :P