Tuesday, August 30, 2011

5 years and still procrastinating ;)

Okay, so I have officially completed 5 years of stay in the UK now! Well, to be honest, given the number of trips to India and elsewhere, and their duration (the longest being 73 days!), I guess my actual total amount of stay in the UK might be tending towards 4 years rather than 5 :P. Nevertheless, I have been resident here for 5 years and that does call for an introspective, philosophical, and enlightening blog post with a dash of self-deprecating humour and generous dollops of heart-warming, feel-good factor....

Just kidding :P.

So the question now is, given that I have survived here for 5 years, which is closing onto my record for the longest stay in any one locality since I was a teenager (yes, I specialise in breaking obscure trivial self-set records like this), it might be a good time to move on.

Where to, you ask? As a famous professor at IIIT-H used to say whenever posed with a half-decent question - "I don't know, you tell me." Yeah, I am in the folly of looking for change just for the sake of change. Perhaps, just to make life a bit inconvenient; getting too comfortable here :P.

At this point, I can either talk about my possible options for moving out, or go all nostalgic over the past 5 years or I could just ramble about the city of Southampton. And as we have already established that I have no clue where I should or can move to, and nostalgia has decided to abstain, I guess we are reduced to talking about the wonders of the city of Southampton.

Only that, it has no wonders :P. Nevertheless, one cannot find fault with it for its convenience. And now, given that I am a veteran, its familiarity. Of course this familiarity is restricted to just one long stretch of the city, ranging from the airport, to the university to the docks. The east and west parts are almost as mysterious now as they had been all those years ago.

Anyway, I have been in UK for these many years, right. So there are other places that are also a bit familiar now. For example, there is London, some parts of which have been visited very often - the nested example being Heathrow say :P - another would be Winchester where I 'officially' 'work' (note the multiple quotes :P). Some others in UK would be Oxford and Edinburgh, yeah the really nice cities.

Outside UK - any place that's been visited more than once, apart from India obviously (and unfortunately, airports don't count)? Germany, France and Switzerland. But in terms of cities, I guess only Geneva has that honour :P. Yeah, I can extract more such obscure, pointless data about myself which would be of interest to no one except my biographer. But then, that might be the sole purpose of mythalez's blog!


Halley said...

So when are you going to surrender your Indian citizenship ? :P

Aravind Krishna K said...

rey 5 yrs ki ikkada sagam mandi PhD candidancy kooda raadu ra.. u already have dr, postdoc and wat not.. konni naku ichei

obleix said...

prelude to getting married this post seems.

Ghost runner said...

+1 to obelix ka comment

Anonymous said...

Q. What is the meaning of this post?
A. "I don't know, you tell me!"

SRILAXMI said...


I completely agree with Kunal... u have made a post of 1 question, which only u n none of us can answer for u...!!!

Come back to India, Hyd is probably cooler and hotter (in terms of the weather!) than Southampton can be...! And yeah, bid adieu to singledom...


mythalez said...

@halley, never :P

@aravind, emi kavali?

@obelix, need a auto-correcter? :P

@ghost-runner, -1 from me

@kunal, no one knows!

@srilaxmi, too many changes suggested in one line!! :P