Thursday, August 25, 2011

after dusk

under the dark moonless sky
with the cold wind grazing on
he shivered with the leaves
and the hours kept passing by

a rodent nibbled his toes brazenly
his leg twitched but stayed put
at least someone may have his fill
so some life may survive this debris

his back resting on overgrown roots
the benevolent tree barren, oblivious
his remaining eye sought any light;
time to give up on all life pursuits?

the darkness was now the only friend
his eye shut itself to seek the clarity
with the truth realised, calm engulfed
he had had his way, now the end beckoned.

I was browsing through the list of drafts and came across the first stanza, written and stored sometime in 2007! Felt compelled to take it to some conclusion and show it daylight (ironically :P)


deep said...

:-o scaryyy... and depressed as well!!!

Anonymous said...

Rodent nibbling toes?
Give up?
End beckons...

Why so depressed?

mythalez said...

@deep, a slight hint of serenity too perhaps? :P

@kunal, am not depressed, it is the protagonist who refused to be presented in any other way! :P