Saturday, July 16, 2005

1st Day - 10th Jul - Malaysian Airlines

Today is 16th and a lot of things have happened in between. But i couldnt blog for the following reasons:
1. No time to blog.
2. No access to net.
3. No privacy to blog (i cant type if some one is looking over my shoulder... *turns around to check once more*)
4. No patience to blog ...
5. Overwhelmed by the amount that i have to blog about.
6. Unfamiliar with Japanese keyboards.
etc etc.

Anyways, since i have started now .. with the semis going on .. i guess i will continue. I just cant figure out how to start. what with my mind filled to the brim with experiences of the different kind. Another major problem is that the recent ones are overshadowing the older ones. But i want to list all of them here ... So to make matters simpler .. i ll start from the begining :D. And i shall tell it in present tense as if it all just happened.

Its near 7 pm. And i am still packing my bag. The plane is at 10 and we are supposed to be at airport by 7. But everything was being delayed on this trip. We got visas on 9th evening, with the envelope torn and the passports wet. Immediately had to withdraw money and rush over to get it converted into Travellers's cheques (in really heavy rain if the hyderabadi readers can remember :d). And guess when we got the tickets ? On Sunday afternoon that is 10July!! It was then that i called my non-iiit friends and informed them of the impending adventure. Anyway, lets get back to airport.
Met K and Sha at the airport (My two companions on this trip). (K and Sha is how i called them). Finally entered the airport. It wasnt any great. The baggage passed through that Xray machine with the officials not even concerned. Then we head over to the malaysian airlines officials. Actually we had a big 14 hour stop at KL airport. i wasnt sure what the system was. The travel agent (a bad one at that) had assured that we will be provided a hotel for our stay there (wow!! we had been ready to spend that much time at the airport itself.) But as usual with this agent, a hitch remained. We had to get a voucher. But since that was sunday, he couldnt get it for us. So he asked me contact a person at that malaysian counter. And so i did. That guy assured me that if i go and ask at the visitor's desk in the airport we would be sent to the hotel. I hoped so. Then we went to Immigration check. Our passports had been wet, so the stamp etc had spread over and defaced some pages. Mine was the least affected and K's the most. The immigration guy saw K's passport, refused to accept it and ask K to meet the senior official. That guy was convinced when we showed Sha's and my passport with their varying degrees of pudgings. So we cleared immigration and proceeded to customs. There we inquired about the amount of goods that we can bring back etc etc. After the security check, we ended up at the waiting area with more than an hour to spare for the depature. I was continually getting calls from home and also from K's home (Since he wasnt taking his cell.) I dont know why i was taking mine either, though my brother gave an so-called international sim card i was doubtful whether it would work. Finally at 9:40 they announced that our plane was ready for boarding. So off we went. After walking through a twisted tunnel sort of path, we stepped onto the aircraft. A malaysian airhostess welcomed us in and told us to proceed to our seats. All the cabin crew were malaysian anyway.
Before boarding the flight, Sha was telling that if there was any seat beside a gal, he would take it. I stated my preference as an window seat. K was silent. We entered. Mine was a window seat. Sha's was beside me. And K's was at the other end. And guess who was sitting in the seat beside him! So K could enjoy both our preferences. Poor Sha.
Soon i will blog about the plane trip.

Keep waiting :P


ironhide said...

japanese keyboards ;))

but the language problem is there here too..tamil and japanese are equally alien to us.

btw heard that you came 3rd!!
awesome going man!
keep it up