Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Yet Another Tag post

Yeah she tagged me again .... and i thought this tagging series was over long back .. Anyways, lets start .. by the way, i m back on home turf now :).

Three names i go by:
rama (i have been named so), mythalez(i named myself so), other names are not for public consumption.

three screen-names:
mythalez ( theres no other mythalez in the world ), mythalez, spacer (i almost forgot!!)

things i like about myself:
- outlook towards life
- coolness :D
- inner confidence

things i don't like about myself:
- hesitancy to speak out (when not among close friends)
- inability to stay awake in classes :D
- my weak body :(

things that scare me:
- getting embarrassed
- others trying to console me for any disappointment
- loosing my spects :D

three things i like in the opposite sex:
- intelligence
- taking everything coolly without much ado
- cute with japanese style haircut (hangover i guess :D)

three essentials:
- Spects!!
- friends or family around
- air, water, food etc etc

three things i want to do badly now:
- sleep (tired and drowsy)
- chat with someone good
- go on a vacation

three careers i'm considering:
- computer science researcher??
- enterpreneur (the spelling's right??)
- some sort of consultant travelling around the world :D

Three places i want to go on vacation:
- Some hill station which is not well-known hence not crowded
- Swiss Alps or even Himalayas
- Paris

Three kids' names i like:
- this is a really stupid question. I refuse to answer it. :D

To do before dying:
- Make sure i enjoyed all pleasures of life.
- Invent a potion that would make me immortal and healthy for ever >:) (elixir??)
- third option is unnecessary

three people to take this quiz:
persephone (as usual)
su_cooldude (alas he is not a regular blogger)
the sage (his views would be interesting :D)

This post took a lot of time and effort ... since my mental faculties have been dulled due to the constant enticement of the soft mattress behind me. And i know i have to blog about the Japan trip ... will blog about it soon, need to get my energies back after two weeks of famished survival.


s said...

three things you can be identified
on web


Persephone said...

heleww!! welcome back to the country!!! nice to see ya around these days :)
and btw, that taggie thing...i have no idea when i'll get down to doing it ;) but i will one day, i guess!

mythalez said...

@sanyam, :D
@persephone, thanks for the grand welcome .. :D