Friday, July 01, 2005

Felt like blogging ...

so i am here. At 3 am. In a few hours i will be home again. And after a few days i will be back here again. The vicious cycle will never end. Or maybe it will end after an year? I certainly hope so.
Life of Pi. A book that has been inhabiting my room for more than a month. A book that wont take more than a few hours to read. A book that is a well known Booker winner. A book that already half a dozen people have borrowed, read and returned to me. A book that has already been reissued from the library for four times. A book i am yet to read.
Attended a FSIS session today. Am quite skeptical of their new hostel-as-house policy. I consider their idea of cramming two boys in a single room outrageous. So do i consider their Masterplan (which has been put up on site in quite an indecipherable pdf).
Suddenly, i stopped writing this post and started reading a blog which i used to consider interesting. But the sarcasm in the latest post was so obnoxious that it totally drove me off. It will be quite some time before i return to that one (if ever)
Sarcasm, one of my favorite forms of dialogue. No, it is favourite. You know what is the best thing to have happened to American-English? The internet. And ofcourse, M$Word. These are annihilating the poor original British english. Read an article by Thomas Friedman who was talking about the rise of the Irish Economy. Ireland now has the second largest per capita income in Europe after .... Luxemborg!
One of the reasons of success other than 'free education', 'embracing globalisation' etc is 'using English'
I am going home in a couple of hours. Oh, did i mention that already??
I hope the rescue is complete for now.
I am signing off.


agastyabhrata said...

Way to Go!

And yes, Thomas Friedman is a good writer. One thing that you seem to forget when talking about English is - chatting :p

Hope to see you soon. Njoi!

Persephone said...

Nice style man :) like the way the thoughts flow from one to another...
btw, read Life of's simply amazing!!!

mythalez said...

@sage, I am going a long way :P
@persephone, thanku thanku ^:)^