Friday, September 02, 2005

I persisted and ...

this is what the result was -

International Institute of Information Technology. When I first heard this name, i felt it was funny. To give such an institute an international tag just to retain the epithet 'IIIT' some how did not sound normal. The first time i came here and noticed the manicured shrubs adorning the roads, I felt that the institute was projecting an air of artficiality. The first time I looked at my hostel, I was enamoured by its shape, spaciousness and ventilation. Thus began a wonderful journey.

IIIT. What do IIITians think of it? Its like asking what do Indians think about India. Can it be described in 700 words? No way. Similarly, I dont even want to attempt to describe what IIIT means to me. In that case, what are these paragraphs about? They will just give an idea of the average IIITian's life and how IIIT has depicts different meanings on different ocassions.

In the morning, the IIITian wakes up, unconsciously lumbers upto the pc and checks mail. Then brushes the teeth and freshens up. His stomach then cries out in hunger. So he uses the pc to check in which mess he is supposed to nurish his body. After that, He is all ready to go to class. He is taught some stuff using slides projected onto a white screen. Does not note down anything much, as the slides will anyway be put up on the site. Assignment time. Completes the assignment which could be a program or textual answers and then uploads it on some portal before midnight. At the end of that hard day, relaxes by playing some game or watching some movie on the pc. IIIT is about living with computers.

Let us see what happens in a typical academic year. Mid July, its the start of the semester and the end of the summer holidays. For most first years that would mean a change, but not much difference for the other batches who have been staying on campus itself throughout the summer. Registration time and most students are in a dilemma. A wide array of courses to choose from. IIIT is about choice.

A few months into the year, some competitions are held. Generally, a participant would know all other participants personally. Some win prizes. Many are noticed. Thus, living in IIIT is also about being recognised and appreciated.

The start of the second semester. Placements for the final years are on. The salaries being offered are shooting up in a frenzy. While the senior most people celebrate their fortune, the juniors brag about it to their poor non-IIIT acquaintances. Thus IIIT is about feeling pride.

With the advent of the new year, comes the college fest Felicity. A lot of people are involved in its organisation in one way or the other. The organising batch tries to outperform the previous batch. They talk with companies, contact other colleges, raise expectations and then attempt to fulfil them. Many new ideas are realised and implemented. IIIT is about learning how to manage and being creative.

Soon, the academic year draws to a close. Its time for the farewell. The final years look back over the years. They share their memories and reminiscise about the sweet years spent here. Friends, who saw each other's faces for almost every day of the past four years, part with promises to keep in touch forever. Thus, IIIT is about life-long memories and friendships.

Now for some low downs. The student wakes up early in the morning at 6 to do PT and curses his luck. He desperately wants to sleep but lumbers to the class and sleeps uncomfortably there, all the time his mind railing against the 'demonic attendance rule'. After the class, rushes to the mess for lunch. Partially fills his stomach with what is generally agreed upon as tasteless and nutrientless stuff being passed off as lunch. Plays football in the evening, bruises his leg and complains against the lack of a proper grassy playground. Thus IIIT is also about grumbling and adjusting with what you have.

My institute is the place
where i spend my four years
from my memory, will never erase
all the joys and the tears

50 people turn up at midnight
to wish me on my birthday
IIIT is where i listen to others
and also have my say.

IIIT is where i gain in brain
and it is where i lose my hair
IIIT is where i feel many a pain
and also live without a care

IIIT eats up four years of my prime
So, i just hope to have a good time.
To ask what IIIT means to me,
is like asking what you mean to thee.


Kunal said...

beautifully written dude..

for me, IIIT has been the best part of my life. it is difficult to put what it meant to me in words, and u have done just that quite superbly.

IIIT has meant a lot of things to me, but most of all it was about friends made and life long friendships developed. when i come back there now, it seems barren without friends. what makes IIIT a happening place, is the people there.

Sagar Rastogi said...

nice :)

anony said...

great blog !!!! dont know much how that electives and salary things work out....... but quite interesting.....

did you lose your hair here ? :(

i thought you grew your hair here :))

Sreejith said...

:) choo chweet.. just like u. I miss everything about iiit. Everything. Still remember me making u suck ur thumb during ragging bcos u looked like a kid! and btw miss u too :)

mythalez said...

@kunal, yeah its not iiit that would make me remember it, but the fun i had with friends, the unlimited access to net, the nightouts for no reason etc etc etc etc .....

@rastogi, thanku thanku ... :)

mythalez said...

@anony .. get a better name next time :P, yeah i grew my hair here :D, but a lot of my friends hav lost it and r sore abt it :D

@sreejith .. thanku thanku ^:)^. Aww .. and now u hav unwittingly revealed to all my anonymous blog fans how i look :( :P >:D<

the-think said...

hehe you just compensated for my lack of any Is or IIITs or any such alphabets in the history of my education! ;)

Akshay said...

Your persistence paid off. A great post.