Friday, September 02, 2005

Tried for the answer to the question below ..

Started promisingly and then suddenly found myself devoid of words. Well, here goes the attempt that died a congenital death.

International Institute of Information Technology. When I first heard this name, i felt it was funny. To give such an institute an international tag just to retain the epithet 'IIIT' some how did not sound normal. The first time i came here and noticed the manicured shrubs adorning the roads, I felt that the institute was projecting an air of artficiality. The first time I looked at my hostel, I was enamoured by its shape, *spaciousness* and ventilation. Thus began a wonderful journey.

And then i found that i cannot express anything lucidly. Everything is jumbled up. So ended my essay.

I dont want to sleep in the class tomorrow (technically today). Hence i slept early. Atleast tried to. But woke up after a futile half an hour. And now i fear i will sleep in the classes once again. Why!! Why!! I dont want to sleep in the class!! :((