Thursday, September 01, 2005

This is the question ...

... for the competition. The conversation begins:

A: I never expected to end up here. but now i feel it is one of the best things to have happened to me.
B: Really!! I just want to get away from this place as soon as possible.
A: Come on, my life was enriched here like never before.

Noo ... this attempt falls flat at its face. Its going nowhere. Guess am not in the mood to be creative now .. sorry dude, maybe we can hash up something in the morning ... But then, why not try once more??

A: I am really happy i ended up here. It has been a cool time here. The years just flew away.
B: Really?? I just cant wait to get out of here. Such a critical part of my life has been wasted here !!
A: Come on da, kya bol raha hain. IIIT nahin hota, to hum dono kaise milte??
C: Thats what na, we are judging the institute by the atmosphere and the students. Lets ask if it has really made us a better person.
A: Arent you a better person now than when you came here?
C: Yeah, the credit for that lies with the students here, not the institute as such.
D: Arent both one and the same?
B: Whatever, my main purpose here is getting a decent job. Thats all what matters.
C: Kya yaar, what about reeesearch ?? Thats the objective of the institute, not the pays that the students may get.
B: Oh yeah, thats why the salary figures are touted at every possible instant.
A: However, life here is cool. You cant expect a better life anywhere else.
C: I concur.
D: Yeah, IIIT has made a huge difference in my life.
B: I dont think i am so senti about it. All that i would take from here is a good job. Hopefully.

I guess this attempt is pretty much better. Will it suffice O' organiser?


Sagar Rastogi said...

I don't get it.. 'question for the competition' 'Organizer'?

Btw, I think it's way too early to start this thread. Plenty of time left, no?

sam said...

if institute itself is not clear about the vision? how can the students be.

# students are lured by the placements. they join this institue despite its sky touching fee for getting good jobs.

my opinion says .. its the students what makes IIIT.

mythalez said...

@sagar, i guess u understood now, seeing the essay competition.

@sam, I agree with all ur points. That conversation was just an attempt to recreate the opinions of some arbit IIITians. :)

Lord of all Things said...

u wud be loving ur insti if u had been in my place fer sometime buddy!!!

mythalez said...

@lord, I love my insti ... thats for sure. I m happy i ended up here. No other place would hav been better for me (Dont know for sure but no harm is assuming so :D)