Sunday, February 19, 2006

Clocks - Coldplay

I felt really bored,
so, i called on you
And then i found out
that you had flu

So, i borrowed a cycle
from my barber
to cross the rivers
and check your weather

i pedalled along
on the dusty road
enjoying the moment,
no, i wasnt bored

soon, i came across
a wide and deep river
i jumped into the waters
and swam with a shiver

As i was crossing,
a croc tugged my feet
i kicked it away
and saved my meat

On the other bank
i was greeted by a tramp
he told i swam too slow
and that he was a champ

I warned the beggar,
told him he was wrong
i could swim a mile
and he, not a furlong

He challenged me to a duel
we jumped in to swim across
i thought it was cruel
to compete with such an old sauce

However, i was beaten
he swam too fast
i lagged behind
yeah, i came last

I was incredulous,
and bowed to his majesty
he smirked wickedly
and excused my earlier travesty

I had to swim back again
and visit you my dear
as i was cruising in the water
i saw my worst fear

the croc was in front of me
its wide mouth open wide
i could notice its glee
i couldnt even move aside

I swam directly into it
and it closed around my bones
i somehow felt nothing
just gave out a few moans

I realised i had my knife
So i stabbed its tongue
it screamed in pain
and out i sprung

I was ecstatic,
i defeated the croc again
so great was my victory
that it started to rain

I swam ashore
and reached your home
became a part of folk lore
from here to Rome

And now you tell me
that you were lying
you werent even ill
someone else, you are seeing!!

ofcourse, these arent the lyrics of the song, somehow strange it may seem, the song inspired me to start writing something ... and the something turned out to be this absurd story :D


Anonymous said...

great turn of events....... by the way after being soaked in water for such a long time didnt the hero of the poem get FLU :p......

kunal said...

Hilarious... :D

the-think said...

Absurd yes. But it makes sense in some strange way...
imagine making a broadway show out of this! :))

mythalez said...

@anon: nope ... afterall he is the 'hero' rite? ;)

@kunal: thanku *bowing*

@persephone: yeah ... we need a few actors, a cycle, a crocodile and a river .. pretty simple :D

Pranav said...

you seem to have effectively stopped blogging..

mythalez said...

I blog .. atleast to prove u wrong :P