Thursday, March 23, 2006

Nooo, I dont intend to stop blogging ...

Yeah, its more than a month since my last post. I havent been busy at all during this time. I had loads of time. But never did i feel like blogging. I realised that I have mostly blogged on those days that I was jam-packed with things to do, days that I havent had a minute of leisure. Now that i dont have much to do, my blogging frequency has suffered!!

I had written a few posts about my travails with FYP link Also remember elaborating on the various difficulties with my fyp to all those uninterested and unconcerned. However, guess what? Mine is the first fyp to be officially over. Yeah was the first in the first panel of the final vivas. Yeah mine must also be the first unofficially completed fyp. Kudos to me :>

Cultural life seems to have come out of the hibernation. After the Cul nite, we now have Amalgam and then farewell. Everyone in my batch seems to be busy with their projects and vivas. The yearbook is going great guns and is sure to occupy much of my time in the coming days. I resolve to visit library everyday in these last few days of my stay at IIIT to compensate for my lack of use of its great facilities i.e books (non techie).

My status mesg: 'fyp? wats that?' a nice reply by dilip: 'a 1 day project (24 hrs) stretched over 8 months '. I add: 'with loads of reports and a lot of paper wastage'.

Why you shouldnt do a phd? link
The wait continues ... am getting bored of it.


cc said...

thank you for finally making a post :)
and yeah, that was a good one by dilip ..


Anonymous said...

Don't be such a gloat. According to me Sarath was the first to finish his FYP. What ever he is doing now is way more than what is expected.

mythalez said...

@cc, welcome welcome .. never knew these posts were in such demand :P

@anon mouse, why dont u jus ask sharath n get ur facts right?
and yeah .. dont u have a name mouse?

Sreejith said...

thanks for the phd comics link. i've been hooked to them since the past 24 hrs! hindsight... no thanks! u made me waste the entire day :(

Pranav said...

I am happy to see you back.. :D

mythalez said...

@sreejith ... welcome .. no welcome

@pranav, am happy too