Thursday, May 31, 2007

I didnt mean to write it

Since I was finding new ways to procrastinate, I started trying to put down my signature properly using my left hand. Having succeeded, I started writing some random sentences and before I knew it, the pen switched hands and I ended up with this. Whew, its been a long time since I wrote a poem on paper :) And I guess, this is the first one that doesnt rhyme.

I walk a deserted road
by the side of the stream
with the sun playing the clouds
and the breeze with the leaves

My hand ought to caress
the gentle sparkling waters
but it twitches for the touch of
the smoothness of her skin

My ears ought to be immersed
in the pleasant twitterings of the robin
but they silently earn for
the bustle of her laugh.

My eyes ought to leisurely gaze
upon the yellow flower amidst the green
but they blur trying to remember
the radiance of her beautiful smile

My hair ought to dance
joyously with the breeze
but it sits tight longing for
her fingers to waft through it

My heart ought to blissfully relax
soaking in the pristine beauty
but it beats harder, craving to
feel her magical presence.


The many faces of stupidity said...

First Karan and now you. Everyone's turning into Brownings and Frosts! :P

Karan said...

Amazin maan.. this is the best of ur works. Jus loved it.
U can actually imagine every situation as u read.
GG! Rock on!

kunal said...

who is she?
I doubt it was purely imagination... it is too real ...

and when is the Paris travelogue coming up?

Su said...


skp said...


Screwwwwwwwww Uuuuuuuuu

mythalez said...

@many-faces, ermm .. i have been writing poems since a long time now .. even before I had a blog .. and I hav had a blog since almost 3 yrs

@karan, umm ... i dont concur with you opinion .. ther r much better pieces lying there :P

@kunal, excellent imagination .. wat else can i say :D. .. paris travelogue .. has come!

@su, cant expect anything better from you o Ed-in-C of a dysfunctional magazine

@skp, lol

lavanya said...

i like ur poem, simple ansd sweet :)

Dutt y said...

Still didnt the answer quite.
who is she :-?

Dutt y said...

And *they* should be in a better position to appriciate this, than us.. what say :->

mythalez said...

@lavanya, thanku ^:)^ .. and welcome

@dutt, ahem .. they r non existent :P