Friday, May 18, 2007

Writing ... and the rest of blah

Having painstakingly accomplished the task of writing the introduction to my report (almost, havent finished yet), I have come to the conclusion that it is much more easier for me to code something in java rather than to explain the same, scientifically in the english language. Perhaps thats the distinguishing feature of a programming geek?

I attended a very interesting, rather entertainingly lecture by Prof. Rodney Brooks about the latest home robots being developed by his lab. He is the director of the CSAIL at MIT. He sure is a very good speaker. We have been having such lectures by imminent professors from all over the world as part of the 60 year anniversary celebrations of our school. For every such lecture, posters are put up all over the place announcing it. I have been noticing that almost without exceptions all the speakers look much older in person than they do on the photograph in these posters :D.

Today, I tried to sleep before 11, blasphemous I know! But, I also put an alarm for 6 in the morning, hoping to wake up and complete the introduction. However, what do you know, just as I was about to doze off, my chinese flatmate (the cute one) knocks on my door. Apparently, the windows on her laptop was acting crazy and was just continuously rebooting itself. I went to help and what do I find? That everything was in chinese!! So she had to keep translating to me what each of the options on the screen meant and on basis of her not so perfect translation, I had to figure out what to do. Anyway, since she had no important files on C:, we just recovered the windows. Nice laptop it was, didnt require CDs to recover, just needed to press a combination of keys at boot to start the recovery. And since I am wide awake now (because of this), I am blogging and after I click on the publish button in the next minute, I hope to get back to the introduction and finish off!! Its not that easy.

update: the problem with the laptop of my flatmate was due to an automatic update of Norton antivirus which deletes some system files in chinese version of xp. It was over the news as it effected, well, lots of pcs.


kunal said...

recently at work, I had to write documentation for all my programs... it was the worst part of my 2 years in the corporate life ...
anyways, I don't think you'll stop just at the introduction... what about the whole report? so all the best... ;)

Karan said...

u have a cute chinese flatmate :O
now wat do i say????

mythalez said...

@kunal, ofcourse .. cant stop at the introduction .. am currently 'harworking' on the related work .. (hardworking to be read as blogreading)

@karan, i hav 3 chinese flatmates .. 2 girls and a guy. u say nothing :P

Karan said...

ma.. i Cant believe ur luck!
Y am i rottin in iiit X-(

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Dutt said...

so u r not leaving even chinese gals.. man, u r the damn lucky ass !