Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mythalez's blog is back!

yeah, after more than a month (just a month! some people may exclaim with an appalled look):-

with a new look- simple, broad and hopefully easy to read.
with all the past posts accorded their proper labels (was a great pain to go through all the 200 odd posts you had written before google realised that it could add the concept of labelling to posts in a blog)
other changes to the architecture of the blog template that came to a nought and have been subsequently discarded.
with an assurance that posts shall now be made on almost a daily basis (thank you dailyrium for the inspiration... the process of commenting on your daily posts made my blogging a daily activity, so I might as well do it on my blog :P)
next post: a short story


agastyabhrata said...

Just as I was about to type - Welcome Back! I realize that I am yet to get back to blogging :-)

I hope I can take sufficient inspiration back :)

I like the simple look of the blog. Great to know that you have indexed all your posts with some interesting labels...shall have to see what labels you have given to some of my favorite posts :D

obelix said...

fyi - some of us use rss to read so don't really care about the look of the blog

glad to see something more to read. im actually waiting for inspiration from dailyrium (and now mythalez) for blogging

and india rocking

Sreejith said...

aaha... great to see you back! Your comments were sorely missed.

'the end of one is the beginning of another'

asr said...

myhtalez's blag is back & a glaring typo in the front.

kunal said...

ahh, so more reading and more commenting daily ... this is good :)

mythalez said...

@sage, lets hope the inspirations inspires some creation on your part :P

@obelix, but some others including this author do and being fickle get bored of the look from time to time :P

@sreejith, all blogs lie in one supreme consciousness and occupy the various avatars replacing one another :P

@asr, eh? typo? where??

@kunal, :D

Karan said...

Your title says "Myhtalez" instead of "Mythalez" :P

mythalez said...

oops thanks

blog spammer said...


prashant said...

partey...we want a partey !!

mythalez said...

@blog-spammer, dead .. we all are in one way or other :P

@prashant, kid, get ur spellings right first and then start screaming again :P :D