Thursday, October 11, 2007

A walk on a bad day ...

What do you do with days that stubbornly refuse to have a single decent thing about them but are associated with an abundance of annoyance??

--- By the way,

Ever tried walking with your eyes closed? If not, try it on a silent, deserted pavement (alongside a straight deserted road) with no chance of bumping into anyone/anything other than the fences and parked cars and find out how far you are able to go before you succumb to the irrepressible urge to open your eyes.


kunal said...

I have not tried the eyes closed walk, and have no intention of trying it :)

as for what to do on a bad day, pick a book that you like - don't pick a new book, pick one you have read already ... for me this has been the best stress-buster for ages :)

Rakesh said...

interesting adventure... have tried it a couple of times in IIIT only.. but never tried it alone..

Vishwas said...

better experiment.
when you are riding a bike, on a dark desserted road, switch off your headlight :)
accelerate till you reach around 90-100 :)

and the Final Requirement ... Live to tell the tale!

thread said...

idiot d0d0.. dont u have anything better to do?

aniket said...

I guess Mr. thread just won the argument :P

Sreejith said...

yes! the urge to open your eyes is really irrepressible :)

mythalez said...

@kunal, hmm interesting sol^n perhaps I will try some day.

@rakesh, alone is where all the fun is :P

@vishwas, hmm .. I dont think I would try this :P

@thread, u do? :P

@aniket, eh? what argument? There are always better and worse things to do :P

@sreejith, :D so you do know what I mean?