Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Yet another day

Looking up at the night sky, which was still bright enough to discern the clouds even as the time was galloping towards midnight, he wondered at the sorry state of his poor heart, at how mercilessly he has been suppressing his never decreasing desire. The unspoken wish has crippled his usual jolly self and made him a lost, miserable wanderer. Of course, neither his countenance nor his outward behaviour ever disclosed a tiny hint of his inner turmoil.

He wondered how long he could go along like this. While everything is seemingly fine, he no longer finds any joy in his activities, in any of his activities. He has easily dissected his condition into the minutest possible pieces and deduced that his want was just a want for love in general and not her in particular. But, since she is the only attractive one in the vicinity for a long time, the want has donned her effervescent face. Furthermore, there is no denying that it was her gorgeous presence and her gregarious interaction that had initiated this whole tasteless issue.

He looked up at the night sky again, sighed at the clouds and turned back. Today didn't feel right for the ultimate jump into eternity either. So he went back to live another day ... yet again.

Savour this piece of fiction for some time as there won't be any posts for the rest of this week :)


obelix said...

just when i write http://appi101.wordpress.com/2007/10/02/of-jyggalog-moonshine-and-plutoburn/ you post something like this.

wtf wrong with this picture?

kunal said...

are you sure this is fiction?

looks like you are in love :)

thread said...

blah..u suck

mythalez said...

@obelix, :P

@kunal, ahem .. if I were to be in love .. it wouldn't be so pathetic :P

@thread, die paccha die!

Sreejith said...

take the plunge... take it.. fall in love!

mythalez said...

@sreejith, eh? when r u divin into it?? :P