Sunday, October 07, 2007

An year .. I have been here

Somehow, searching for something, I ended up reading some of my early posts (nov-dec 2004) and wondered at how different and care-free my blogging was back then. I used to jump from topic to topic in the post, sometimes touching upon completely different topics in the same sentence!

Also, did I mention that I have completed an year, living alone in a foreign country? To be precise, as of today, it is 1 year + 1 month + 1 week + 1 day .. I think, didnt bother to be calculate exactly.

In the course of this year, I finished an year of cooking, an year of 'agent-research', an year of meeting people from all parts of the world ranging from Brazil and Australia to Europe and Ghana! It also marks completing an year of being paid regularly (the TAships in IIIT dont really count), as well as self-managing all my issues (from banks to bills).

It was an year of several trips (a lot of south England, Hyderabad+Delhi, Wales, Paris, a bit of north England and Switzerland). An year of watching several TV-series (continuing Lost and PrisonBreak and all of Battlestar Galactica, MITM, Seinfeld, Friends, HIMYM, Heroes etc), many many movies but reading very few books :(.

It was also an year spent by corresponding with your old close friends by chat /phone /orkut /facebook /batch-mails to realising you haven't known a single person in this country for more than an year (Blair, Beckham etc don't count, I mean personally knowing someone and they knowing me too)

It has also been an year of blogging in bursts and living in moments :)

this is not a PS: too many 'an year' in the post
this is still not a PS: I hope 'an year' is grammatically right? :-s


Karan said...

An year already! Time does zoom..

kunal said...

whenever I read any of my old posts, generally two feelings come to surface - one is "yucky post", other is "damn, I was too careless. I posted anything and everything" ... will have to read your archives :D

skp said...

[Re-Using this one]

Nothing to say, nothing to write,
just fuck you alright ?

Missing you a lot man :( :(

Abbulugadu said...

gosh! U actually are up-to-date with all those TV series :O ...

Sreejith said...

happy anniversary :D and remember...change is good!

Argentyne said...

i shall be your saviour and say that 'an year' is wrong! Cause the pronounciation of year does not start with a,e,i,o,u so you can't say an before that :)

And congrats :) And why dont you know anyone even after a year?

mythalez said...

@karan, < whooosh > yeah that was time zooming by :P

@kunal, and I ll have to read urs! :D

@skp, >:D<

@abulugadu, well err .. ahem. . yah :D

@sreejith, ahem .. thanks for the philosophy :P

@argentyne, but isnt year pronounced as 'ear'? :P .. I meant there is no one around that I have known for more than a (n) year

Argentyne said...

no, tis not :P