Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The general trace of life:

zero-teens = you learn about the world.
early-teens = you intend to change the world when you grow up.
late-teens = you realise you can't change the world, ever.
early-twenties = you intend to direct your own life as you want it.
early-thirties = you realise you dont control your life, rather it controls you.
late-thirties = you vow to direct the life of your children.
early-fifties = you realise you can't control your children's life at all.
sixties and later = you give up all hope and continue living.

ofcourse, I am just guessing, but I feel its true :D.


kunal said...

since I have been privy to your wisdom, I'll start living my life as I want (after all I am in the early 20s) :P

I agree to the first four statements... Do not know about others, will come back in 40 years and then proceed to analyze your statements properly :D

smr said...

nice one. it does sound true.
now i'm scared to face my early-thirties.

tipo said...

nice !!

Anonymous said...

If you dont get what you want you get experiences. So think the way you can and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I still intend to change the world and I'm in my early twenties :P

Karan said...

Haha.. vry well written :)

thread said...

i deserve some freebies for being a frequent commenter on your extinct blog.
can I have tickets for an epl game.. plz plz plz

skp said...

don't control my blog URL
change it to http://blog.skp.co.in huh

and lose control .....

pkj said...

sahi hai .. atleast till the early twenties :P

Dutt A said...

right to a good extent... however margins depend on the nature of the fellow..

Sreejith said...

true but only stereotypically... in my view.

nipun said...

well you can have an illusion of control then :)

mythalez said...

@kunal, hope u still remember my blog after 40 yrs .. hope the internet still exists ! :P

@smr, why fear when you know the future :P

@tipo, :D

@anon1, ofcourse u shud enjai!!

@anon2, good! standing out from the stereotypical (as sreejith called it) .. exception proving the rule

@karan, :D

@pachha, i dnt deal in football tickets :P

@skp, will do :P

@pkj, well .. i too knw until then only

@dutt, absolutely

@sreejith, i agree .. by general in the title .. i meant stereotypical :)

@nipun, well, we could as well be living in a matrix .. if you know what i mean :P