Tuesday, November 06, 2007

home ...

Home. When you think of home, what is the first image that you get in your mind? For most people. it should be that of their mother doing something in the home. Generally, all of us associate our moms with our houses, they ought to be the most significant part of it.

So, when your mother comes to visit your house for a few days, you realise that you must have grown up after all. So, when you show her around the kitchen, tell her where the masalas are and where the utensils are, which bottle contains haldi and which one mirchi, you realise you have made a home for yourself. So, when you inform her, just as she gets ready to make your favourite dishes, that she should put more salt and chilli than usual because they are not strong enough in these parts of the world, you realise you are more a part of this kitchen than she is.

And then, when you see the ease with which she adapts and is seamlessly integrated in your house for those few days, you realise she is not a mom for no reason.


obelix said...

me too going to get home food from tomorrow


skp said...

me too going to get home food from tomorrow

muhahahaha B-)

asr said...

me too going to get home food from tomorrow

muhahahaha :D

correction: I have been getting home food for a long time. I am just going home tommorow.

@ obelix,skp: muhahahaha

kunal said...

dude one of your best posts :) loved the humour, and loved the feel-good factor and the nostalgia.... awesome!

sanyam said...

i can understand the feeling. My mom came yesterday :)

very well written.

@nks said...

boohoo !!

i wanna go home .. !!

wait a min .. i m goin home ... yeh !!

thread said...

undead birds should not feel nostalgic

meghna said...

Nice post...very well written:)

Sreejith said...

me been getting home food from a couple of days back! :) trust amma's to know their way around the kitchen :)

mythalez said...

@obelix, skp, asr, I get home food everyday and watever I want .. whenever I want .. the joys of self-cooking ... muhahahahaha :P

@kunal, wow really? i dnt think I liked the post as much :-s

@sanyam, :)

@ @nks, good good .. enjai

@paccha, eh .. whos feelin nostalgic? I knw i knw .. its you ! thread go fork :P

@meghna, :)

:sreejith, i trust .. I trust!!

The optimist from utopia said...

aahhh.. nice post.. :)