Thursday, November 08, 2007

a random post ...

° Why? because I have some work to do and I am running out of procrastinating options ... there is no one online to chat either (and that's a rarity given the huge chat-contacts list and the large number of people I chat with) as most of them must be at their homes, gorging sweets (read as gaining weight) and running around bursting firecrackers (read as damaging the nature).

° I started writing this post when, after analysing all that I was supposed to do, I heard myself say, "aah, its so simple, I don't want to do it." And let me tell you, this 'simple' thing will hopefully solve the problem that has been dogging my algorithm since the past 3 weeks :D. Finding the problem is always harder than finding it's solution ... yeah thats my quote .. feel free to reuse it, with due acknowledgments of course :P.

° Global fusion of cultures? cutting out small pani puris from the big rolled out dough using a shot-glass. Yeah, I did this last week.

° Is the 'Fall' season named so because the leaves fall from the trees or because of the drastic fall in temperatures from a pleasant 15-20 °C to a frigid 1-5 °C ?? :D This is a rhetorical question, readers are not invited to answer it!

° There are so many movies that I ought to watch :-s, ranging from Pirates-3 to Bourne Ultimatum to Chak De India and a host of other movies in between.

Better get back to work and start doing that 'simple thing' (only to discover that it is not so simple after all).


Sreejith said...

1. You chat too much.. its incredible!
2. The complexity of your simple problem is a matter of perspective subject to relative ease.

tipo said...

bourne ultimatum was awesome!! you've got to see it ...and happy diwali :)

mythalez said...

@sreejith, 1. for mythalez, anything is possible! :P 2. precisely.

@tipo, well .. I will .. though I shall continue to rant that the movies have got nothing to do with the book other than the names of the characters.

kunal said...

pani-puri? I distinctly remember you made biryani, and people survived to tell the tale...

You seem to have become an accomplished cook :D