Saturday, February 09, 2008

Even Old

23 + 365 = 24 !!!


as Pati would say, 24 = 25 - 1.


asr said...

so you are not in the prime of life.

obelix said...

aadmi ko 25 varsh ki umar tak bhramacharya ka paalan karna chahiye ...

thus ... only one more year ... gg

nipun said...

nice :)
lets see if XY = 24
Make sure that XX becomes XY + (XX)
(if you get my drift :D )

kunal said...

What about Prison Break? or Friends?

sry for the pathetic PJs :) Happy Birthday dude!

mythalez said...

@asr, not in the literal sense no ... or shud i say numerical sense? :P

@obelix, lol yah yah ... so i shud be looking forward to it eh?

@nipun, interestingly put! and yah I perfectly got ur drift ;)

@kunal, >:D< bravo bravo .. awesome PJ! loved it :D and thanks