Monday, February 25, 2008

a facade again

something thats going on
where how why and when
I know not of these all
but I know it is all wrong

louder, louder it goes on
cries unheard, ears deafened
I close my eyes to see the dark
I seek the quiet to hear the song

tear the mask I always don
see through me at the real am
I am afraid, but I show it not
am alone, though people among

scared to open, I simply con
but you know me to see truth
I will never ask for it ever
but you better help me along


obelix said...

I was going to write a comment expressing my disappointment over this not being an inventive ironic pun-type post on the facade design pattern but then realized that made me look to geeky which led to this

obelix said...

no one else commented yet? surprising ...

skp said...

I was not here !!

and screw blogspot captchas.

thread said...

wtf?? dont understand anything :((

the-think said...

Probably called realization! ;)

dailyrium said...

aren't we all a little of that... too scared to rebel and too afraid to open up.... too aware of our weaknesses and so unaware of its pointlessness :)

mythalez said...

@obelix, facade design pattern wat!! dude .. t0 wat depths have u fallen ! :P

@skp, :P

@paccha, obviously, threads do not have enough processing capabilities :P

@persephone, probably :P

@sreejith, ahem .. now thats insightful :P