Saturday, February 16, 2008

tag post after a long time !

thanks to AG/CC, one of the few who actually gets me to do tag posts ... here we go:

10 things I miss in my life (in no particular order)

= being able to disappear, yet have company
= not having to wear shoes every time I step outside
= Indianised chinese food, hyderabadi food, the yummy breakfast of dosa, idly vada .. you get the point!
= being surrounded by friends, every hour, every day
= seeing only familiar faces all over the campus, being recognised by everyone.
= the 18 hours sleep days at home
= hot awesome vadas every time I go home in the mornings
= a head that is without a constant blabbering voice inside it
= the incessant urge to read books, newspapers .. everything
= pure simple ecstasy, for no reason

10 things I want to achieve in a decade from now:

= learn to drive and then an awesome convertible and long drives
= to have dabbled in various professions successfully
= visit Antartica
= a wonderful companion (achieve? :-s)
= a book of fiction
= learning to not do the "run away from people and then feel lonely" routine
= look strong enough that people finally stop asking me to eat and eat
= have a farm house to go to, whenever I feel like escaping the madness
= Be busy enough for long periods of time, so that I am finally forced to start making schedules
= do atleast one impossible thing

while it was very easy to come up with the things I miss, it took me a lot of time, to cobble up 10 things I want to do in the next 10 years. Not so surprising, considering that I am not the future-plan-making type.
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Argentyne said...

Argentyne gets you to do tag-posts? It'd been a long time since anyone had got her to do one! :)

What's this about having to wear shoes when you go out? Didnt quite get it.

And I miss Hyderabadi food too :'( Though I shall get it in a few days :) Then I shall miss Kerala :D

What's this about running away from people? :-s

mythalez said...


it meant I cant go out in chappals and so on since its too cold :P

lol .. u always have to miss something :P

well ..consider it an abstract metaphor :P

Anonymous said...

for all the things that u miss, the simple solution is - COME HOME!

for the ones u wanna do - all the very best wishes. most of them i believe u will achieve.

and btw tag's too long and requires considerable intellectual stimulation - i therefore decline :P