Thursday, August 27, 2009

day49 - day50 pretty nifty!

day49 - tuesday - put up the appendix graphs and describe the results and why they don't matter, hence why they ended up in the appendix intstead of the main part.

day50 - do the small itsy bitsy changes that were noted down in the process over the last 50 days but never acted upon. and ofcourse, write the abstract .. finally! and done!!

the second version of the thesis is now ready for your perusal :P.

so the statistics:
£ around 125-130pages depending on how i compile it.
£ 50 days of procrastination + work + weekend
£ 35 posts of this blah!

next post might arrive when Nr and Nj look at this version and suggest any final changes..... am sure they will, especially for the abstract .. it is quite amateurish ;)


Ghost Runner said...

is it over tell me its over :P

thread said...

captcha: water

carinsur said...

2 tags to describe your thesis:

thread said...

i'll add another tag: lame
btw d0d0, post sth good for a change. i'm bored

mythalez said...

@ghostrunner, dont worry .. it will be over :P

@paccha, drink drink..

@carinsur, its lab-made actually :P

@paccha, am not ur source of entertainment :P