Thursday, April 28, 2005

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Randomly hit the keys of the keyboard. Thats something i do when i am really frustrated.
I am sick of myself.
I am a complete loser.
Reaction: "What! how can u say that. u r soo good blah blah yaak yaak ....
Trust me people, i am just a phony guy who fakes very well.
I am not frustrated because of any particular reason. A lot of factors have contributed to it.
I want to rehaul a lot of things. But i wont do it. I cant. It will continue and it will all be rosy in the end, hence it wouldnt matter then.
As i was saying, i am currently sick of myself. Anyway out?? All suggestions other than those involving the loss of my life are welcome.

So did this make me feel better? No. Relieved?? Yes.


Sagar Rastogi said...

What happened dude? Is this for real? this looks like an 'open-login' post.

agastyabhrata said...

"Ignorance is Bliss" - how true!

Persephone said...

Ok let me try. Now this word 'painfully beautiful' that you really loved? think about there any pleasure in the beauty if there was no sorrow in the pain?
Basically, live through it, man, 'coz life needs these lows to rise out of mediocrity. but while it lasts, its tough, there's no point denying it coz its as true as can be, but accept it and thats where the amendments take care!

Sreejith said...

What is random? Is the previous sentence random or is it just a pattern of symbols that mean something to you? I dont mean to give you more worries. Just trying to make you think of something else instead of your pain :)

mythalez said...

@sagar This is not a fake post.
@sage sometimes :D
@persephone but some lows stay throughout the life. Though am not complaining :)
@sreejith random means just pressin some keys without thinking of what your are doing.

NewYorkMoments said...

Just drink yourself silly.