Saturday, April 23, 2005

A mosqi here, a mosqi there, mosqis everywhere

This is summer. Hyderabad summer. So its hot. Not comfortable to sleep even at 1 in the night. The only way to cool your room is to open the door and usher in the fresh cool air. As every cloud has a silver lining, ever gust of wind has some embedded mosquitoes in it. Its not that i am against insect life. But the world would have been a calmer place had these insectia minded their own business. But these under-developed beings are quite curious about humans. Actually the mosquitoes suck. Suck the human blood for their experiments. But they have an hidden agenda too. They seem to be nocturnal beings. And their collective aim seems to convert poor innocent homosapiens like me into their kind. No, not into insects but into nocturnals. As soon as you lie on the bed, and switch off the light, they set to task and start all their sucking experiments (all puns intended). Why allow them into your room in the first place you may ask. But unless, you invite these, your room's temperature isnt going to be pleasant. But once these are in, you can forget all chances of attaining the goal of holidays - sleep. So, you are going to be awake anyway.
After a few hours, before the sun is about to wake, the mosqis return to their haven, and i can visit my heaven for a few hours before the noon-day door-bangings begin.
What a lame guy, losing his sleep over a few mosqis. Before you leap to any such conclusions, read on.
Jet mat. The only guy affected by its aroma is me. So, then the great war begins. Observe the flight, analyse the curve, learn from the previous sorties of the mosqi, wait for the oppurtune moment to strike. Notice! the mosqi is within reach, the mosqi is slowing down, out shoots the hand to capture the intruder. Succesful you may have been, but before you even have a chance to gloat, you are faced with a flying threesome. You win another battle. But the numbers dont decrease. After exhausting yourself, you sit for some time, only to chance upon a new batallion flying all around you.
Raise the white flag. Huddle in front of your dear pc, and type down your miseries.


Anonymous said...

ha ha :)
Nice ending poda :)


Sreejith said...

Even i couldnt sleep all night cos of these damn mosquitoes! Curse them to the smouldering cauldrons of hell.

kunal said...

Awesome post!

mythalez said...

@cc Thanku ^:)^
@Slipstream u actually sleep at nite ?? :o :p
@kunal Thanku ^:)^

Golden Words said...

Yeah summer is really hot this year around... and mosq. yeah the world will be a better place without them...but A.C with doors closed is all ya need :-)

Persephone said...

A curse on all the goddamned mosquitoes in the universe! May they burn their evil wings in hell. May Satan sqeeze their throats and make them buzz like the world's comin to an end.
Er...did i say i hate mosquitoes coz im allergic to their bites?

mythalez said...

golden words, Ac...get them in the labs....cant sleep there, sadly.
Persephone, could i ever hope to put it better :D

ansari said...

ever tried playing tennis with those electrified racquet thingies? good fun that....and you get to electrify a bunch of mosquitoes as a bonus!

dude..sorry to put this here...but r u the go-to guy for codecraft tshirts? if yes, where and what do i mail u? else, ignore :)