Sunday, April 03, 2005

Morning, morning...

Yeah, it is morning. Almost. And why am i blogging at this godly hour? Because, i couldnt fall asleep. These days my sleeping time has extended to beyond six. To think, before coming here, i was a good boy who used to sleep at 11!
Long time that anything abstract was written here. The time has come.
Two and two make four. Similarly one and one and one make three. But two and two dont just make four. They make two pairs. Two ones make one pair. But what if the other two ones arent supposed to be a pair? But, since the first two ones have made one pair, these two ones will also have to make a pair. More out of neccessity than of desire. But will neccessity lead to desire? It depends upon the environment.
Abstractness ends here.
Exams in a few days. I hope to set right my habits before that. Actually just 2 days now. I better change my sleep timings back to normal. Otherwise, would be sleeping through all the exams, be they held in the morning or evening. As a final touch to this post:
Conjecture 2.4.05: Irrespective of the number of hours already slept, any kind of Study induces Sleep almost immediately, but if persisted with Study, without succumbing to Sleep, the result would be Hunger (no counter-example found yet).
Actually wanted to write 'Experimentally proved' in those paranthesis, but the great Sage has enlightened me that a Conjecture if proved would no longer be a conjecture but become a Theorem.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahha ... i think i got the abstract part this time! :D :D :D

putu the cat

mythalez said...

Stop reading my blog!
You r getting used to the abstractness :P

Persephone said...

1 pear + 1 pear = two pears? on 1 pair??

agastyabhrata said...

Right, regarding your Conjecture 2.4.05 - I would like to suggest an improvement -
"Irrespective of the no. of hours already slept, any kind of Study induces Sleep almost immediately, but if persisted with study, without succumbing to sleep, the result would be a desire to eat" (no counter-example found yet) :)

Sagar Rastogi said...

It's experimentally proved.. and can be theoritically proved too.. (will write a proof some day) Hence, as the great Sage said, it's now a theorem!

ramneek said...

"Two and two make four" reminds me of something I had read sometime back.. I don't remember who said this, but it goes something like:
"Two and two make five, for higher values of two."

Anonymous said...

who's the great sage ? is it Pranav ?? :P

mythalez said...

I only know one sage....or rather only one Sage knows me.
Btw, i know many anonymouses, which one r u ? :P