Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Unending Election Fiasco

The sole aim of this post is to expend my frustration. Better read the post below if you have come here to appreciate my writing style... :D

Re-Election Nullified
Another Re-election to be held in the next sem.

I guess this is just half the story. Who knows how many more re-elections we are going to have before they are finally satisified with the elections. They here solely refers to the Ec and the Slc. What the HELL do they think of themselves??
I really wanted to reply to them. But had to restrain myself, whats the point in spammimg? Already two people have put the grievences pretty well. I expect the Ec answers them soon. Otherwise, they are going to get lot of hatemails.
If anyone has a misconception that things can get better at IIIT, then well, you have a misconception. Things only seem to get worse. (Except the Canteen though, it rocks as of now.)
Dont the Ec realise that they are responsible to the students? Particularly the contestants? First of all, on the evening i.e the end of the first elections, they cancelled the election. And everyone knew of the various leads etc. A lot of politics may have been played on that night. Then they held elections on the next day, the day of the Farewell. Only this time, they did not discover any bugs at the last minute. Hence they withheld the results. Slowly, anyhow the results have leaked out. Now everyone knows who won, so they nullify the election. What the Hell!!!
Malpractices!! What practices? The most number of malpractices seem to be done by the Ec. Actually, most of it is not Ec's fault . The Ec is just a worker for the Slc. Any decision of the Ec is basically a decision of the Slc. If malpractices are a problem, what ever was the Slc doing during the last elections? What happened then are called Malpractices. Those things are called intimidating voters blah blah. This time we had vigorous campaigning, Yes. Sometimes the campaigning bent and maybe broke some rules. Yes. But none of these are serious enough to repeat the whole process again. Silly us, we took care not to break any rule. We should have done all sorts of campaigning, broken all code of conduct etc. At max, what they would have done is another re-election. They put down some ambiguous statements as rules, interpret the rules in some way and expect everyone else to have the same interpretation somehow magically.
They plan to re held the re-elections at the start of the next sem. Do they expect the graduating people to come to IIIT and vote, or even login from wherever and vote? 1/3rd of the current voters are no longer going to vote. I wonder how many of the remaining would vote either. Why should anyone, when the probability of the re-elections again is so high!
And, Who the Hell is going to apolozise for wasting my time for so many days!! Do they even have an iota of an idea, how much effort the contestants have put in? What do they know about the time and effort taken to select the team, come up with the agenda, fight against the mis-information campaign, And Campaign!! Tell them to try to convince me why Re-elections are required. We had to convince hundreds of people why they should vote for us. Do they think, we are profited in some manner if we become MPs? This is not a pay thing. And there wont be any kick-backs either. Whoever is contesting is doing that either with genuine interest in doing something for the campus, take up some responsiblity, bring some change or else have some fun by coming out of hibernation (This is applicable in some cases).
Is this the Slc way of having 'Selection' through 'Election'? Keep having elections until the appropriate guy in your opinion wins??

"This mail is to inform the student community regarding nullification of Elections that were held on 30th March due to complaints received regarding malpractices."
The next time you do not like the way results the going to turn out, just make some complaints. They will nullify the elections.

"Fresh elections will be held under closely supervised conditions during the first week of the next academic year."
Closely supervised conditions!! What are they going to do? Put us contestants under room arrest or something??

"The candidates for SP councils will remain the same and no new nominations will be invited."
How can they assume that the contestants would still be interested in participating in this fiasco of a process called Elections?? What about new nominations to the Ec. I guess that is the most basic requirement as of now. And i guess, i dont need to start about the Slc now, everyone must have an idea of tHEiR visions.

I wanted to write a post on Campaining. How and how not to do it. Guess, some other day, when and if the fiasco ends.

Warning: Do not talk about elections if you meet me in person. I am not going to waste any more time on it.

PS: One good thing, Though having (unofficially) won the elections (despite not being the favourites), we dont need to fulfil our agenda (though we showed that we can do it).


Persephone said...

Tsk...bad times these are, when elections happen....but i wonder how important they are....

agastyabhrata said...

My dear fellow,

There is one reason why you need to spam the logins of students once again.

There were two people who already sent their mails but both have not touched the issue of "nominees" recontesting.

The question of "Why would the nominees be interested to contest again?" does not seem to impress on the "Intelligent" and "Experienced" minds at the helm of affairs.

May be we should go talk to them directly, I am not sure - telling them please do not think we are "DUMB" fellows out here and a mockery of 900 odd people (okay 600 odd who voted) would not augur well for them. This is not the end of things. But the beginning for a better student governance... Hail Democracy!

Anonymous said...

lol doda, cool post, poor frustrated dodo :D whee hee hee :D .. I also voted for you! X-(


Anonymous said...

This is unfair and cheating ... not the cancellation of elections (that is criminal and insulting) ... but your hijacking of frustrations. I wanted to write my biggest post ever bringing out my frustrations and went to library... there I saw yours and decided that it would all be a waste. All said and done there would be a certain section of people (the rumored plaintiffs and their supporters) who will be happy. So let them be.


mythalez said...

Hi ppl and my supporters. :D
This is to announce that i am no longer concerned with this election thing.
At max, if they(the same they) announce that i am in the Campus Life Council, then i will set to task to make this campus better.
If repolling is held. Let it be held. I have nothing to do with it .......

:) the campaignin post will come out some day though....

Persephone said...

Thazz the attitude!! Good going! ;)