Friday, May 06, 2005


A rare date. A rare day. A day when i finally started doing something useful. Had spent a month with the intention of doing it, finally found the right auspicious day to start. Hope it doesnt fetter out. :)
After a long time, i am blogging in windows. Forced to do it. Wlan no longer works in my Fc3 :((. They have implemented Wep keys, and now my card doesnt associate with the ap. Someday, i will regroup my energy and try afresh to make it work. But as of now, its Windows time for fame. Californication is starting to play again now, repeating for the 15th time. Got to add to the playlist.
Quite a boring post this is turning out to be. Bear with it, O' dedicated readers. :P


Sagar Rastogi said...

U using Windows... Yay! :P

mythalez said...

Sometimes u r forced to do a few things though u dont want to ... guess this is one of them :P

rmstar said...

same problem here. i installed xorg and now my pc freezes when i open firefox :(.