Saturday, May 07, 2005

Lack .. lack .. lacking

Now, why am i writing this ??

I noticed, as i looked around
ants crawling up the sand mound
one tiny guy falls back
energy, does he lack?

a step away from the line
yet walking up the incline
in his pursuit for something
but does his pace, lack the zing?

with the food, yet to bear
is the burden, which he fear?
does he lack the enthusiasm?
ponder why, his life's in chasm?

Is he a rebel, breaking away
to live life, one's own way?
searching for a new destiny
will rise, another mussolini?

No, he is not going away
maybe he just lost his way
he has joined the ranks again
and is back to being insane

But all my questions still remain


agastyabhrata said...

" Is he a rebel,.... will rise, another Mussolini?"

That's quite an analogy. I think I would not able to justify the claim in whatsoever sense it was meant.

" back to being insane" - that looks good

Persephone said... why're you writing this? :)

Golden Words said...

Do i have to read the entire thing to comment? Cant i just write some random statements? very general, the kind of things that make u feel that i read that thing..
But lets answer-
Now, why am i writing this ?? Cause you are a blogger and like all of us have nothing better to do :P
energy, does he lack? Dont know him, so no comments.
but does his pace, lack the zing? No comments
will rise, another mussolini? < $trike > maybe! < / $trike> No comments
But all my questions still remain I try my best.
Take care

Anonymous said...

hi rama,
gud poem ra. GUess who iam ?? :D

mythalez said...

@agasthyabhrata - mussolini hmm... thanks anyways :)
@persephone - i dont know :D
@golden words I didnt expect the questions to be answered by the readers. .. gr8 effort though :P
@anonymous - ofcourse, who else other than my dear AK-43 :P

coolcat said...

long time .. no post?