Thursday, May 26, 2005

No idea what is going to follow :)

Because. i am extremely bored. Just spent half an hour doing nothing at all, just staring at the wall. With no thought occupying my mind, atleast none survived for any considerable length of time. So, thought why not let the fingers do the thinking.
Something regarding the has been bothering me for a long time. Why arent they updating the stats? It still stays that i have 48 posts, am pretty sure reaching 100 now. The last post that is shown in a person's profile is one written around Dec04!
I wish for another thunderstorm.

Faint, faint, just a little whisper
slowly, slowly, it is getting richer
forever, forever, the pitch increasing
but i wonder, wonder who is singing


gAMe said...

dOOD same here .... wat the hell is life I mean even after doing everything we are getting bored ..... atleast u need a gf immediately...lets Quake some time if u say ....

coolcat said...

well here's something for the boredom on your blog! YOu've been tagged! :D (Refer to muh blog :D )

gAMe said...

Well Are u planning to come back and rite or should I remove the link to ur page from my home page....:D

mythalez said...

Game, for the meaning of life, consult rastogi ;)
And why do i need a gf? Why dont u help me in that regard ? (u r so experienced :P)